Art history and the significance of fine art have been a preoccupation of Linda throughout her education. Always loving to paint, she started painting seriously in 2000. Nine years later fulfilling a lifetime goal, she enrolled in the Visual Arts programme at Vancouver Island University,  She enjoys  working in all mediums and is always on the look out for new ideas.

Serendipitously she discovered the whimsy and imaginative world of MacKenzie Child’s painted furniture and shortly after, the realm of Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, developed through Sloan’s fine art background, knowledge of colour, paint, pigments and art history.  

Then came the idea of creating unique, hand-painted furniture that would stand alone as art pieces in one’s home. Taking this idea further, she decided to incorporate pet beds into the painted furniture. Over a latte, she invited her friend Christine Craigie to share these ideas and in no time, Doggie De Luxe was born.


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As a world traveler and professional photographer for many years, Christine now has expanded her horizons into the world of fine art by continuing studies at Vancouver Island University.

Partnering with Linda Martin, Christine, in an expression of her general state of joie de vivre, applies her vision and flair to conjuring up beautiful images for crafting one-of-a-kind pet bed furniture.

She takes the greatest pleasure in finding and transforming unwanted and discarded pieces into interesting combinations of eye-catching design so that she can invite furry friends to “come and snuggle up here.”